What Is Wrong With My Internet Connection?

Slow Internet Connection FixA slow internet connection is very frustrating and waiting a long time for a page to load can make the nicest person very angry. Usually this problem is of a temporally nature and you just need to reset your router or restart your computer to get the speed back. If your computer is slow, it’s probably not the internet connection that’s need to be fixed but the computer speed. Make sure you have checked your system speed, scanned for malware and cleaned the registry before you continue to troubleshoot your internet connection.

What Makes Internet Slow?

If you are using a Hub, I suggest you to change to a router or a switch instead. I don’t like Hub’s because they can’t direct traffic properly which means an unstable internet connection. If your router or switch is old, you might have to upgrade because old routers can’t handle speeds over 10 Mbps and if you have a faster internet connection, you don’t get the speed you should. Upgrading your equipment can help you get a better internet speed but before you upgrade, check you internet speed here to verify if your ISP tells the truth or not.

Outdated network drivers can slow down your internet connection. I have experienced that wireless connections more often need an update to function without problems. You can usually updated your networks device drivers directly from the software program or go to the manufacturer’s website to get the latest drivers. You can download Speedy PC Pro and scan your system to see which drivers that’s need update. It saves time and makes it easier to keep control over your computers health.

Browser hijackers are malware that can strangle your internet connection. It can redirect you to websites you don’t want to visit, show pop up ads and change your startpage. If it takes forever to login to your email account or other personal accounts, it’s very likely that a bad script are installed in your browser folder. If you take a look at the left lower part of your browser window, you can see if your browser is trying to connect to a site you don’t know nothing about. Removing a browser hijacker will give you back a stable browsing experience and to do it, an antimalware tool such as Adwcleaner can help you out.

More Ways To Get A Faster Internet Speed!

If too many programs are using your internet connection, it will slow down the speed. You can open the Task Manager – Click the Performance Tab – Click the Resource Monitor button and then the Network tab to see which processes that’s using your internet connection at the moment. If you see a program that you never use, you should remove it to open up more resources for other programs. If you install a lot of programs, it can have a bad impact on your internet speed. Make sure you only install programs you need and are using regularly.

If you have checked your internet connection with a speed test, updated your drivers, cleaned up your system and checked that your computer is virus and malware free, there’s nothing wrong with your internet connection but with your computer hardware. An old computer may not have enough RAM or the CPU is not fast enough. You could have the fastest internet connection in the world but with poor equipment, you can’t handle the speed.

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