What Is ActiveX Errors?

An ActiveX control is a small program that is used by Internet Explorer allowing it to communicate with other programs. Antivirus and other security programs are using ActiveX controls to perform online virus scans in your browser. If an AcitveX program is corrupted or not configured the right way in the registry, errors can occur that makes the browser slow and that’s why many people think that’s their internet connection is slow, but it’s an ActiceX program that’s not working properly.

ActiveX Controls

Why Does ActiveX Errors Occur?

ActiveX controls are used constantly when you browse the internet and visiting websites, that’s why it’s important to fix ActiveX errors to make your browser run optimally. Runtime errors occur when an ActiveX control can’t create objects or when a DLL file is damaged or missing. Other ActiveX errors occur when your browser starts to behave erratically and freezes while trying to read security certificates or use other certificate servers. If ActiveX controls are disabled, it usually means that your firewall or other security programs has disabled it.

There are ActiveX controls that’s malicious and can cause a lot of problems. A malicious ActiveX control can record browsing behavior, spy and steal personal information or cover your screen with pop up ads. Don’t allow an ActiveX control to run when you are visiting websites you don’t trust. An AcivteX control is not a virus but cyber criminals can use it to allow viruses and other malicious software’s to be downloaded. Remember that ActiveX controls are not used by Firefox, which makes it a more secure browser but you should keep an eye on your security settings anyway.

How To Fix ActiveX Errors!

ActiveX errors occur usually in the registry, so to remove corrupted ActiveX keys or restore missing keys, you should run a registry cleaner or other PC optimization tool. A good antivirus program or Spyware remover can remove malware that damaged ActiveX keys in the registry, but a registry cleaner should do a better job. An improperly uninstalled program can cause ActiveX errors, so to get rid of it you need to totally remove it using the Windows Uninstaller or a third party Uninstaller.

A good idea is to invest in an all-in-one PC optimization tool. A good PC optimizer has many features including a registry cleaner and tools that can fix ActiveX errors. Speedy PC Pro is a PC optimization tool that can clean your computer and remove ActiveX and registry errors. It can also fix other problems that make your computer erratic and slow. Many people forget to do a real computer maintenance, but with a tool like Speedy PC Pro, it’s very easy and you can clean your computer with a couple of clicks.

Fixing ActiveX errors manually is nothing I recommend and if you don’t know exactly how to do it, don’t do it. Removing wrong programs and changing the wrong settings can cause problems you didn’t have before, so use a PC optimization tool like Speedy PC Pro, to fix your computer fast and safe.

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