How To Upgrade A Computer

If you have an old computer, but you don’t want to spend too much money on a new one, you can upgrade it and maybe save up to 50% of the cost. You can save even more if you just want to make minor upgrades, and maybe just clean your system and upgrade your software’s and operating system. To give your old computer more power, a hardware upgrade is a good idea. A computer is built from different parts, so you can change the processor, motherboard, memory, hard disks and so on. Just make sure you use parts that are compatible with each other.

Computer upgrade

Upgrade Computer Hardware Parts!

For example: You want to give your computer more RAM memory. Then you must know which type of RAM memory you need. There are different kinds of RAM, such as DDR2 533MHZ and DDR3 1333MHZ and so on. If you know which motherboard you have, you can check the information on the manufactures website, but if you don’t, you need to open your computer and check which memory that’s inside, or download a software that can give you the information you need. Download the free SIW Tool ( System Information for Windows ) and it will display which type of hardware your computer got.

A good idea is to upgrade your computer with a totally new upgrade package. A new motherboard, a new processor and a new RAM memory, it will give your computer a real boost and you will save some bucks compares to if you bought a brand new computer. You can find ready upgrade packages at online computer shops, but before you order, check the what’s inside the package and search online if you can find a better price if you order each hardware part separately. Remember, if you spend a couple of minutes on research, you might save a couple of bucks.

Clean Your Computer System!

Make sure your computer is working properly, because it doesn’t matter how good your hardware is if you got an unhealthy computer system. A good idea is to use a tool that can scan your system and find exactly what’s wrong and fix it. A slow computer, a slow internet connection and erratic behavior are very annoying, and the best way to fix these problems is to use a tool like Speedy PC Pro. It can repair the Windows registry and fine tune the system settings, so your computer run faster.

A new computer will normally run like a dream, but eventually it will get slower and more and more files and programs are taking up hard disk space and use system resources. When this happens, don’t run away to the closest computer store and buy new hardware parts or a new computer. Make sure you clean up your system and only buy new hardware upgrade packages if your computer are still slow. Download and try Speedy PC Pro today and give your old computer a new and healthier life, a real power speed and a better performance.

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