registry cleaning tool

How to find the Best Registry Cleaning Tool!

If your computer seems like it is “bloated” with full of errors, it is time that you find the best registry cleaning tool. Messing with the Windows registry takes time and isn’t something that can be done within a few minutes. It is also very risky and if you do something wrong, you could easily […]

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How To Troubleshoot A Slow PC

“Troubleshoot slow PC” is a popular search term online, considering that it is so easy to get a virus. If you don’t have a virus, your computer might be slow from too many files. This is why you need to regularly clean your computer – at least three times a month would be good. Weeks […]

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Slow Internet Connection Fix

What Is Wrong With My Internet Connection?

A slow internet connection is very frustrating and waiting a long time for a page to load can make the nicest person very angry. Usually this problem is of a temporally nature and you just need to reset your router or restart your computer to get the speed back. If your computer is slow, it’s […]

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5 PC Speed Tips

5 Tips To Make Your PC Healthy Again!

You could have the newest hardware, the best processor and 16 GB RAM memory but still a slow computer if you don’t know how to keep your computer in optimal performance. Often when it comes to computer speed, it doesn’t have much to do with hardware parts but with the operating system. Configurations can become […]

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Faster PC Explosion

Great Ways To Make Your PC Run Faster!

If your PC is slow you are not alone. This is maybe the most common problem that PC users have and besides from being an annoying problem, a slow PC can also waste valuable time. But to give your PC back its speed is not impossible or too complicated, with the right tool your PC […]

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Windows Registry

Why Do I Get Registry Errors?

The windows registry is a database that keeps track of everything related to Windows and third party application configurations. Every time a new program is installed, it’s registered in the registry database. Some people prefer to call it the Windows brain, and that’s maybe true. And if the power supply is the computers heart and […]

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Speedy Pro PC

How To Improve Computer Performance

If your computer is having a slow speed, maybe it’s time to clean up your computer. Over time many things can happen and every update, new installations, uninstallations and other system changes will have an effect on how well your computer is performing. I know that cleaning up a computer is both time-consuming and boring […]

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ActiveX Controls

What Is ActiveX Errors?

An ActiveX control is a small program that is used by Internet Explorer allowing it to communicate with other programs. Antivirus and other security programs are using ActiveX controls to perform online virus scans in your browser. If an AcitveX program is corrupted or not configured the right way in the registry, errors can occur […]

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Keep Computer Safe

How To Keep Your Computer Safe

There are many threats online these days. Many people get their computer infected without knowing it, and it causes a lot of problems for these people. Some malware doesn’t harm your computer but it can use your internet connection to attack servers and websites, a so called DDOS attack. It’s mandatory to have an antivirus […]

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Computer upgrade

How To Upgrade A Computer

If you have an old computer, but you don’t want to spend too much money on a new one, you can upgrade it and maybe save up to 50% of the cost. You can save even more if you just want to make minor upgrades, and maybe just clean your system and upgrade your software’s […]

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