5 Tips To Make Your PC Healthy Again!

5 PC Speed TipsYou could have the newest hardware, the best processor and 16 GB RAM memory but still a slow computer if you don’t know how to keep your computer in optimal performance. Often when it comes to computer speed, it doesn’t have much to do with hardware parts but with the operating system. Configurations can become outdated, drivers that communicate with hardware can become corrupted, too much data can make your hard drives slow and many more things can happen. But it’s far from impossible to fix these problems so you don’t have to worry.

My 5 Best PC Speed up Tips!

1. Windows is updated regularly and many times other programs in your computer don’t have the ability to automatically update to newer versions and therefore they can stop working properly or crash. The best way to keep up with Windows updates is to use a driver update tool that can find the right drivers so you never have to deal with that on your own. Browsing online for the right drivers is not only boring but also very time-consuming. Using a driver update tool will help you keep your programs running at full speed.

2. If you have been using your computer for a while and start getting error messages on your screen or your screen is frozen, you probably got registry errors. When you install and uninstall programs, Windows Uninstaller often misses to totally remove everything and leftover data can start giving the registry problems. To make your computer run normally again, you need to clean the registry using a registry cleaner like Speedy PC Pro because Windows doesn’t have any built-in tools that can dive down deep enough into your system and take care of errors.

3. Make sure you got the best computer security you can get because a malware can easily make your computer slow down rapidly or even worse things can happen. It’s a very bad idea to not think about computer security because as long as you browse the internet, downloading programs and clicking on links, chances of a getting a malware infection are possible. You should look for a premium antivirus program and also a Spyware removal tool because you can never have too much computer security these days.

4. Filling your hard drives with unneeded files and programs can give you problems in the future, especially if you are using a laptop or tablet with limited amount of storage space. The Winsxs folder in Windows is saving program versions and each time you update a program it saves that version and every past versions. Over time the Winsxs folder can grow to a very big size. The best way to stop that from happening is to only use programs you really need. A hard drive with enough free space is also faster than a full hard drive.

5. Clean away temporary files, clutter and other unneeded items on a regular basis because these types of files are always coming back. The Windows Disk Cleanup tool which you can find in the system tools folder can help you remove some of these files but to be able to totally remove everything, you need to use a third party software. Making sure your computer is free from junk will make it run faster and without errors.

If you want to make your computer run faster, clean the registry and find the right drivers, check out Speedy PC Pro. This premium PC optimizer has the ability to take care of many problems that can occur in a computer and you don’t have to fill your computer with software’s that only can take care of one problem because Speedy PC Pro got many tools in its toolbox.

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